where are fulton county real estate deed

The neighborhood, too, can be more inviting at one time of day than others. A visit during rush hour, for example, should reveal if there are traffic jams or too many dangerous speeders. And a visit late in the evening may indicate whether the streets seem safe or menacing. Another thing agents can do to improve the quality and the accuracy of a CMA is for the real estate agent to reach out to other agents in the area, and inquire about similar homes that haven’t been listed yet, or those that are just about ready to be closed. There are both positives and negatives to working with real estate teams. One drawback to a team is that you might not always be working content with the individual you hired. If you call to ask a question, the agent you're familiar with might not be available or the one who speaks with you. On the other hand, a team could mean that you'll get more attention and personalized service, especially if there are people taking care of the behind-the-scenes work for your agent (allowing her the luxury of more face time with you).