what is manicure?

A salon assistant might shampoo your hair, help your colorist, or perform other treatment-related tasks, so it makes sense to tip them. However, many people don't because they assume that their stylist "tips out," i.e., gives a portion of their tips to assistants. That's not necessarily the case, which is why Jason recommends asking your stylist if they do tip out, then increasing your gratuity from 20 to 22 or 23 if they say yes. If they say no, be sure to throw a couple bucks the assistant's way. Jason says that while tipping them around $2 is polite, you can always tip more if they're exceptionally attentive. Branch agreed, adding: "Tipping your hairstylist a little more or tipping 'big' is definitely a standout and is so appreciated by your hairstylist during the holidays. It's after having botox how long before you can lay down bound to get you favor and in the chair during the busy seasons and of course, extra special detail to services given the appreciation you have demonstrated to your beloved stylist."