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There are two main forms of the game, which I shall call 4-card Golf and 6-card Golf, according to the number of cards in each player's layout. 4-card Golf is sometimes played with power cards that enable a player perform an action such as peeking at a card, swapping a card with another player, and so on. There are also 8-card, 9-card and 10-card forms of Golf, but these seem to be less widespread. Some Strip casinos offer Three Card Poker games with a Progressive side bet. Typically equal to the party poker real money size of the Ante, the Progressive side bet pays out on a straight or better. Side bets like this are longshots at best, but the jackpots are massive for those who beat the odds. In 2020, a Texas woman playing Three Card Poker at a Nevada casino hit a $1.3 million Progressive jackpot. It gives the game a similar feel to some of the accumulating jackpots players flock to at some of Las Vegas’s hottest slot machines.