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Promenade property owner John Alle took photos of the strolling prostitutes as well as a drug deal going down in the alley behind the Promenade at Wilshire. The prostitutes wait for business directly below Downtown Santa Monica Inc.'s expansion office at Wilshire and 3rd Street Court. DTSM is the quasi-governmental agency responsible for the upkeep and business environment of the downtown and Third Street Promenade. Alle notes that "The people from the Block-by-Block Ambassador office look directly down on this." The Safety Ambassadors are supposed to monitor the Promenade and create a safe environment. “Of course, my goal is the complete decriminalization of sex,” a navigate to this website masked St. James told KPIX Eyewitness News at the Hookers Ball. When asked what she would say to those who argue that prostitution “tears at the moral fabric of our society,” St. James smiled. “Ninety-nine percent of our customers are married, and, you know, if we weren’t taking care of them and listening to their troubles, they might be beating up their wives more than they do.”