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*Contact me for samples of my work. A health ghostwriter specializes in writing. As you know, specialists are who you turn to when you need an experienced opinion and skill. Experience writing for a publication that’s not your own with the ability to follow a writing style guide, content brief, editorial process, or an SEO writing checklist. If you write a text for someone else and they pay, the rights to that text belong to the client. The situation is different if the client only provides origin of the article ideas and concepts and you write the rest of the text yourself. In such a case, as a ghostwriter, you retain all copyright and usage rights to the finished work. Thanks Jess! I stumbled into it through freelancing and guest blogging connections — basically, the ghostwriting gigs I’ve had have been through people I’ve got to know in the blogging world, many of whom I met in person at conferences before getting to know them well enough to ghostwrite for them. Since you’re already freelancing, you might start by simply emailing current clients and letting them know you’re available to ghostwrite (notch your rates up for it a bit) — even if they don’t need/want a ghostwriter right now, they may know someone who does. Good luck! 🙂