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Head to Montana to take down a fanatical cult leader in this open-world adventure. Whether you want to quietly dispatch your enemies or drive headfirst into the action is up to you--but regardless of your choice, Far Cry 5 gives you the chance to enter the fight as you see fit. There are also plenty of side quests and a cooperative mode to keep you occupied. Far Cry 5 isn't our favorite game in the series, but it's the only entry on Game Pass and it's still pretty good. Bad Company 2 offers a similar online experience to Battlefield 3, although its solo experience is definitely more impressive. It trades ultra-serious tones for a comical narrative that really shines. Destruction was also a huge part of the game, as you could blow apart every bit of your environment to you can check here help take down your foes. The first Bad Company game is also on Game Pass. We chose the sequel here, but we'd recommend the original, too.