jumba bet no deposit bonus

I first wrote this article about 20 years ago, based on this simple idea: Start with a $5 bet, and double it every time you win, 18 times in a row. Ta-da, $1+ million. At the time, it was the only way to win a million dollars quickly with a small bet, besides playing certain slot machines (which had longer odds of winning). Ken was a co-author of a largest poker sites book called "The Big Player" where he claimed that he shared success with other members of the team though, including Bill Erb. Ironically, because of this book, Al's team was discovered and banned from casinos in Vegas after publication. Al certainly did not like this and their friendship was damaged as Ken gave away secrets and information that was unknown to casinos. Naturally, many gamblers also did not like this either. It wasn't until 1978 when gambling was introduced to Atlantic City did he form his own blackjack team. It wasn't very long until he got barred from playing at casinos in Atlantic City because of counting cards.