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For every Input address, the following information depending on the type of address (legacy or segwit) is saved in the transaction: In November, following a year of record turnover in 2022 - 2023, LBB re-introduced itself with a major glow-up, offering more time-saving tools, more value and a free-to-view archive. “The 10 largest addresses on the Ethereum network are now holding over 35% of the available supply. By no means does this mean the asset in crypto is bitcoin address co to jest suddenly centralized, but it shows the capitulation of smaller traders showing FUD from this dip.” LBB is the first company to have brand, agency, post production and production companies promoting their businesses on a level playing field. The platform offers them guaranteed coverage of their creative work and business news, control of their public profile, the ability to host and expand on their archive in one place, and the chance to enter their best creative into a globally respected awards show (The Immortal Awards). The business is backed by a number of industry heavyweights who act as shareholders including Sir John Hegarty, Steve Parish and Sir William Sargent.