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If you are someone who prefers in-person banking, Wells Fargo with its thousands of physical locations, is a good bet for opening a new savings account. Wells Fargo: Pricing information from published website as of 04/03/2023 based on 91107 zip code. Banking is a part of modern life that's synonymous with bureaucracy. And perhaps no part of banking has traditionally been more complicated than the very act of opening a bank account itself, filled with all its stringent requirements, waiting times, tedium, and fine print! Consumer Financial Protection Bureau “Checklist for Opening a Bank or Checking Account.” Wells Fargo Clear Access Banking requires a minimum initial deposit of $25 to open an account. OnJuno’s FDIC insured High Yield Checking Account can help you earn an industry-leading 1.20% on all deposits. No more anxiety of switching between checking and savings accounts. No account opening fee. bpi minimum deposit to open account No minimum balance. No monthly service fee. No ATM withdrawal fee. No excuses.