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Last and least valuable by market cap is ATOM, the native token of the Cosmos Hub blockchain. ATOM is more than just a means for securing the network. It's also a governance token, giving holders a say in how the Cosmos ecosystem should evolve. One issue with the nascent cryptocurrency space is that there are so many different, independent blockchains. This is a challenge that Cosmos aims to alleviate by making inter-blockchain communication easier, faster and less expensive. Cosmos's ultimate aspiration is to make blockchain technology more accessible for both coders and end-users, which could pay off if blockchain tech becomes as ubiquitous as satoshi to bitcoin converter some optimists in the space expect. It is the third-largest cryptocurrency in circulation, with 573,296 coins. Binance is a utility token, and its price varies with the cost of the underlying on the Binance exchange platform. Simply put, its value increases with the rise in the number of users. Investors see Binance as a potential investment option as the acceptance of crypto is rising.