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The goal of this metric is to measure the activity of non-professional, individual cryptocurrency users, based on how much cryptocurrency they’re transacting compared to the wealth of the average person. We approximate individuals’ cryptocurrency activity by measuring the amount of cryptocurrency moved in retail transactions, which take a look at this site we designate as any transaction for under $10,000 USD worth of cryptocurrency. We then rank each country according to this metric but weight it to favor countries with a lower PPP per capita. We initially used this as a metric to determine which countries’ residents are carrying out the most cryptocurrency transactions, as this would capture both the number of individuals using cryptocurrency and boost countries whose residents are carrying out more transactions per user. However, while cryptocurrency deposits to centralized services like exchanges show up on-chain, any transactions within those services, such as trades within an exchange, aren’t captured on-chain, and only show up in those services’ order books, which we have limited or even no access to in some cases.