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On the sign-in page right underneath where you would typically input your login details, click on the “Reset your password” link Please login to BTSE account -> Go to dashboard -> Security-> Password -> Changed 2. New Password Like other crypto exchanges, Binance provides trading, listing, fundraising, and delisting or withdrawal of any cryptocurrency. Crypto enthusiasts aiming to launch their own tokens can use Binance for raising funds. Binance is used by numerous traders to exchange and invest in different cryptocurrencies and digital assets. 1. How to Set a Trading Password2. How to Change the Trading Password3. How to Reset the Trading alot more bonuses Password To change your password in your profile, perform the following steps: There are a few common ways to lose crypto. You might have a wallet on a hard drive you throw away. Your exchange could get hacked. You might lose your password, or you might get personally hacked and have your coins stolen. For those who lose their password, as I did, hackers actually present a silver lining. If you still control your wallet, you can try to hack your own wallet—or find someone who will.