bitcoin timeline

Our converter applies the mid-market rate. It is solely for informational purposes. The Rate might differ while transferring money. Approval of the Bitcoin ETF: a long shot! (Tom Gorman, ex-SEC) Bitcoin transactions are absolutely safe for multiple reasons. One, the underlying blockchain eliminates single (centralized) points of failure by recording transactions on a globally distributed network. Two, the network is publicly verifiable and anyone can cross-check the transaction history for reference. Three, manipulating bitcoin mining is practically impossible and economically unviable. Bitcoin’s 1 year in crypto 10 years supply is limited to 21 million coins, and each block is added to the network every 10 minutes. The timing of each block is kept stable through a difficulty adjustment mechanism, while BTC’s inflation is controlled by code, with the reward in each block halving every 210,000, or roughly every four years.